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Jim’s Daily Rant. It’s Huber Time!?

Updated: 5 days ago

Earlier this afternoon I decided to write about this subject in the morning. But after seeing the

X22 Report Recap, I decided to write it this evening.

This is what I saw today. The people are pissed about the Vax and are awake to it.

The people are now really pissed about these horrible people coming after our kids' genitals. They are pissed enough to take down major corporations and that is what will occur.

Yesterday SGAnon came out and said in public that the CIA and DOD control the global drug and human trafficking and our Military is conquered and have colonized most of the world.

All of the timing of this tells me that on or about next Tuesday the Huber Report will drop, spelling out the whole ugly blueprint on what we have allowed our government to do and become – the absolute treat to all of humanity.

Again, stay tuned Folks.

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