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Jim’s Daily Rant. Is Gold & Silver Considered M1 Or M2?

I woke up with this question on my mind.

All I can gleam from research is the metals are Tier 1 Capital on bank’s books.

I cannot get a clear answer to “is M1 or M2 tier 1 capital”.

I have to believe M1 and M2 are separate lines on a Banks balance sheet, therefore gold and silver is separate from M1 and M2.

Therefore, in response to Jeff's article yesterday of:

“The Fed reported that the total cash and cash-like M2 money supply was recently around $21 Trillion. I have a hard time believing any of the usual elite shysters could gather up $10 Trillion in liquid funds in a single week time frame to buy that much metal, discounted or not. THAT'S ONE HALF OF ALL THE AVAILABLE CASH PUBLICLY REPORTED BY THE FED! What gives?”

My suggestion is that Gold & Silver is not M1 or M2. If that is correct, then the$10 Trillion was a circular decrease and increase of M1 and M2, as it was used to purchase precious metals. So there would have been no impact on M1 or M2. But there was an impact on Tier 1 assets as Gold and silver was shipped out of the country to Dubai.

Question: Could that $10 Trillion transfer have been done by the big banks in some way?

If the above is correct, it opens a lot of questions if banks moved the metals.

Your thoughts?

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