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From Jeff - Quayle's $10 Trillion Metals Report ?

Some food for thought plus total speculation: The Fed reported that the total cash and cash-like M2 money supply was recently around $21 Trillion. I have a hard time believing any of the usual elite shysters could gather up $10 Trillion in liquid funds in a single week time frame to buy that much metal, discounted or not. THAT'S ONE HALF OF ALL THE AVAILABLE CASH PUBLICLY REPORTED BY THE FED! What gives? Yellen recently diverted "secret," off-book, and essentially bottomless ESF funds to bailout the failing banks because the amount required would have busted the FDIC in about 10 seconds. The FDIC is a meaningless false front facade when confronted with a banking plandemic so what we have is a coverup. So, if Quayle is correct about $10 Trillion being spent on metals in ONE week I have to assume it's Yellen spending the ESF to buy metals either for the Treasury or diverting it to some other place and purpose. Quayle said the metals were headed for Dubai or some place like that. Spending those FRNs while they are still good? The ESF was reportedly seeded in 1934 with all that gold FDR "confiscated" from the public. After almost 90 years of backroom trading the ESF might have grown into the hidden $12 or $13 Trillion slush fund reported by ??? Can't remember but I think it was Jim Willie saying he got a figure from Rob Kirby who was likely 187'd or maybe invited to Galt's place for reporting too much about the ESF.

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