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Jim’s Daily Rant. Indirect Proof That The West Militarys Are In The White Hats Alliance.

Updated: Feb 11

First let’s start with these facts:

1) The U.S. Civil War drastically changed warfare when the first two ironclads, the Monitor and Merrimack dueled on a Virginia river (1862), after the Confederate Merrimack sunk every wooden warship it passed. They battled for a few hours without either doing major harm to the other.

On that day, every navy in the world became obsolete.

2) While retreating from Gettysburg Gen. Lee raced Gen. Grant to Cold Harbor (1863) and arrived a day before Grant. His army dug a 2 mile long trench, as was his custom when possible. This time they cut trees and placed their logs horizontally above the top front of the trench to protect their heads while firing through the continuous 4 inch ports.

Within three days the Union losses were 12,700 compared to the 4,500 of the Confederates. The actual killed ratio was 22:1 with the Confederates having the lowest number killed. This was the last battle on the planet in which armies stood tall in two long lines and fired at each other.


3. The Carrier became the monster naval ship during WWII.

     The average age of a U.S. Carrier today is probably around 60 years.

     Our fleets are centered around those carriers.

4. The technology today may now make those carriers obsolete. Naval ships can have a passing plane turn off it’s electronic systems leaving them defenseless. See ship USS Donald Cook. Plane and boat drones can now cheaply take down those ships. If a satellite or land based array can take out a chunk of Hawaii then what chance does a carrier have? What about the hypersonic weapons we now see that do exist? Does this make it harder for the military to recruit and cause them to drop the High School diploma and many physical qualifications to join?

5) We are on the verge of Zero Cost Energy. With that any weapon today might be cheaply destroyed. How will this impact future wars on earth?

6) Last week a Judgment was rendered against Bayer (Monsanto’s Roundup and Agent Orange) for $4.25 Billion to one injured man from their product. How will this impact the future costs and government exposure to war damages? The same can be expected for future COVID 19 lawsuits.

7) What if Clif High is right and Raytheon Corp. reverse engineered the crashed UFOs and now controls spaceships in outer space. How might that impact our current war technology?


I now suggest that we are seeing the end of empires like the Roman, British, former Soviet Union empire and the current U.S. empire. The financial costs as well as human suffering is just too great. All remaining empires, or thoughts of empires, are ending now.

I also suggest that the West militarys have known this before today – they saw it coming. They realized just like our own military, that the Elite must be defeated before we all lose our own sovereignty to bankers and companies like Raytheon, without input from humans.

That is why we now have GESARA for the world to rid itself of warfare, once and for all.

That is why the armies of the West are indeed part of the White Hat Alliance; because they must be involved or they too will loose their future families.

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