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Jim’s Daily Rant. Armadas and The Game Of Empires.

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s Rant - Indirect Proof That The West Militarys Are In The White Hats Alliance. Let’s just explore that supposition, shall we?

I first learned of the Game Of Empires from High School Latin class. I recall that 90% of what we read was Caesar's [war] Travels. It was a disgusting bragging recital of how to create the great Pax Romana (Roman Peace Period) by butchering all of your neighbors and making them slave states. (So much for a Christian education). The problem with this game is one must maintain an expensive armada, that being translated as a Hellova lot more war ships than the other side.

History takes note of the loss of Armadas as that is a sign of a new winner of King Of The Hill, the more polite name for Game Of Empires. One such changeover was the loss of the great Spanish Armada (circa 1588) being lost to two storms when it was on the way to spank England. After that England was King of the Hill with the great British Empire. Their crown was that they controlled the money and majority of the Western world.

By the way, the two Spanish invasions on England were greatly destroyed by storms prior to the battles. Also be aware, one of the stated reasons for the Spanish invasions was to force England back under the control of the Vatican. As I have always said, we have killed too many people in the name of god.

The British Empire was protected by its mighty Navy from 1588 to 1945, when the U.S. became the victor by arranging prior to the war’s end to take the prize of World’s Hegemony. Then the mighty U.S. Navy assumed the quarterback position of enforcer of global peace as the CIA did the covert dirty work of colonizing. If this is hard to accept in your mind then picture a tag team wrestling match. They are always dirty (staged of course).

The Game of Empires was greatly enhanced when in 1971 we forced Monopoly Money on the world. This is where we are today, in the world’s most lucrative business ever. This is the guarantee that this game will be for the rest of human existence, right?__________________________________

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote twelve years ago regarding my dream visions of today’s Collapse and Reset. This section deals only with a lost opportunity earlier in history to end the horrible Game of Empires.

Will The U.S. Military Intervene?

This is probably the most asked question next to when. So let's talk about the military. Because I was never a part of the military, let me start with my hither-fore unspoken assumptions about that term "military." My first introduction to it was two years of High School Latin in which all we read was Caesar's Travels, his memoir, of how he conquered the known world. You know me, instead of learning Latin I learned culture. After discovering that it was a brutal and horrible business, I learned that there were two levels to it. There were the top guys who were doing it because of power, the money, and also because it was in them. Then the lower level which consisted of plain men who needed a job and were just trying to survive to get their pension , being a small parcel of land.  

I fell asleep in school and when I woke up we were studying the Feudal Ages in History. The only thing I remember from my History book was the pictures of knights in their armor. My thought was always that they were cheating. They were all bundled up protected and picking fights with people in loin cloths. It didn't seem fair. That image was so imprinted in my mind that now when I see pictures of our troops all bundled up with high-tech weapons and wearing body armor, I sense that same unfairness. But I digress.

The point that I am trying to make is that I slept in school. But after school, when I was wide awake, I read any book not assigned to me. I read a lot of my older sister's college books; I bought books; I lived in a library, anything to be around books that I had not been ordered to read. I spent twelve years in Catholic schools where there was a lot of material you were not supposed to be exposed to. I rebelled.

The real turning point for me was the school's version of the Crusades, which made no sense to me. I began to research on my own. What an education I gave myself; it's a shame it didn't reflect on my report card! Here's what my religious version of history failed to reflect.

The Lords all had private militaries, which consisted of knights and all those that supported them. Each day the Knights would go out into the countryside for a quick round of raping, pillaging and looting to earn their keep. Of course, they would generally harass the little folk rather than the neighboring Lord's knights - professional courtesy you know. It got so bad that the little folk feared to venture out and began skipping Sunday church services. By God, that was too much. The Vatican decided to put a stop to it. They decreed that, under threat of being damned to hell, the knights could not rape, pillage or loot on Sundays! Years later, the Vatican was so pleased with itself that it decided to make it a permanent peace by calling for a Crusade to utilize all those soon-to-be unemployed protectors of the realm and sic them on the infidels over there. It was easier and holier to have them kill others than to tell them that their profession was no longer needed.


Getting back to my supposition that armadas are needed to play the Empire game, do we now have another opportunity to end the game forever?

What if, all naval war ships are now obsolete and it would take at least twenty to design and replace them to serve as an armada?

What if, during this time we take away the financial incentive to play the game again as the current game winner, the U.S. looses, pulls back, or simply abandons the King of the Hill position as the Petrodollar collapses?

What if, during this period of no viable armada to step up, the world returns to asset back money, with all countries being equal in value?

Would this end the game? Is this not the plan of NESARA and GESARA? Is this not the plan of the White Hats?

Is this a plan worth us sacrificing for?

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