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Jim’s Daily Rant. Forming Alliances, Part II.

In a Rant a few days ago, I discussed forming a neighborhood Mutual Assistance Survival Group.

To do so, start small and be prepared to grow later. Suggestions:

Go to my website, then read Family Prepping (1 hour); Then read Group Survival (1.5 hours, ignoring the Attachments on first read). Note that the Attachments are listed separately. That will give you your PHD in Prepping and instructions on creating your own group. If you need free help in creating a local website for forming a group email me. If you need free coaching call me.

Final Hint:

To canvas your neighborhood, mail (hand addressed) fliers to close neighbors. Ask if they want to anonymously (new made up email names) discuss mutual support during a chaos period. Describe what you are trying to do. You can communicate by email first; later at a hamburger stand (each party driving a borrowed car).

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