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Jim’s Daily Rant. Forming Alliances, Redoubts and Truck Shooters.

In today’s podcast, CELENTE AND GREG MANNARINO: PREPARE FOR THE GREAT ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION, Mannarino was asked a question in the last 3 minutes.

Because he was saying the banking system is be pulled down any day now, he was asked about what investments listeners should make immediately. He said make alliances with others for self protection.

I have long said it takes a minimum of 6 adults in a home to protect it; 2 guards on 3 eight hour shifts, one guard inside and one outside. I now stand corrected. If you play your hand right an outside guard per household is not necessary. An outside guard can be contracted out so you can sleep at nights.

Here’s how. Form alliances with your neighbors to defend each other if looters come knocking. All that is needed is cheap walkie talkie radios purchased now ($20 each), which I will discuss later. Neighbors now become redoubts, a fort that protects a fort.

Your Initial Problem is “my neighbors are old.” So what? Old Joe only has to radio you that he is wearing his wife’s fake mink coat so he will look like a dog and crawl outside. While hiding in the bushes he needs only fire two shots at the windshield of the raiders truck to make them abandon their attack.

If all immediate neighbors have gone then simply move your home closer to other neighbors. This is done by mounting cheap antennas on each house further down the block ($10 or $33 each).

Now during the most critical time (if necessary) only one neighborhood outside guard is needed at night.

I agree with Mannarino, this is the best investment you can make at this time for your family.

Radio Equipment

This is the only walkie talkie that will communicate with both GMRS and HAM radios. HAM frequencies require a HAM license, however, in an emergency license is not required. Therefore practice with GMRS frequency then post SHTF go to HAM mode for more secrecy.

Range: This system is designed to work without radio repeaters (range of 50 miles), but can use them if the repeaters remain up. Otherwise this should work for about 1- 2 miles (without changes).

Temporary Roof Antenna System:

Magnetic Car Antenna $10, with 10’ cord.

Will work better if a “ground plane” is added. This is any flat piece of metal screwed to the roof to reflect signal better, but not necessary. Minimum of 2 square feet. Spray paint it to match the shingles and hide from the wife. The antenna then sits on the metal.

Optional – 12 volt Battery adopter $11 for 2 pack (For in house monitor)

Plus Car Accessory socket $9 for 2 pack

Optional – 12 VDC Battery, something like $25 (or your own lawn mower battery) Will need recharging perhaps every 4 days. Alligator Clamps $6 for 5 sets (if necessary can be charged by your car engine.)

Note: The radios will talk through house walls but sometimes the won't. Therefore it is best to have roof antennas.

Email me if you have questions.

Baofang Manual pdf - The one supplied is too small to read.

Download PDF • 3.75MB

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