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Jim’s Daily Rant. Fast Track Introduction to County Assemblies, Private Membership Associations and De Jure Juries, To Restore the Republics.

All three each by itself will get your Republic government back quickly.

What’s The Difference In Today’s Time?

Every County is trying to bring up a County Assembly. It’s purpose is the same for all three organizations above, that is to restore the state and Federal Republics and do away with the illegal Corporation governments that do not serve the people.

The drawback to the current county assembles is you have to do a paper push process to tell the corp. government they do not have power over you. Then you are in their group.

A PMA is a loose association of persons, not BAR attorneys, perusing the same goal as above. That association cannot be sued as it does not contract with outsiders or do business.

They rely on sending “Criminals in opposition to our Republic Constitutions a cease and desist suggestion in the form of an Affidavit or Writ, signed by some members.

Both of those two documents gives the suspected criminal an opportunity to stop their offense and if they do not respond to your notice in writing within a set time period, they default into admitting they are a criminal. From there they can be turned over to the military.

De Jure Juries pursue the same goal and can submit an Indictment charging them with crimes. If they fail to respond timely, they default to admitting they have committed the specified crimes and can be turned over to the military.

The Indictment has more authority behind it as do the Affidavits or Writs. But all three each will do the job.

Pull Government Employees’ Bonds:  In the process of serving the above documents to Government employees, there is also the threat / ability to pull their Surety Bonds.

Per all Republics (State, County and Federal) public employees must be covered by a Surety Bond, so in the event they do something illegal, injured parties are paid for for their injury. This is similar to car insurance and all employees are bonded by their employer.However, it has been proven that all corp. governments only carry bonds payable to those corporations, not the injured parties. This is in violation of the Constitutions in play. Therefore, if you inform a government employee that they are required to be bonded, and in fact they are not, that means if they commit illegal acts in performing their jobs, they personally owe a lot of people $Millions. To collect one only needs to serve the Sheriff the correct paperwork and the employee’s personal home and assets are seized as payment. This will terrify any government employee served a document.

The simplest group to get the job done is joining a PMA. All that is required to do this is get a minimum of six persons to join using a PMA Agreement form similar to the one attached.

If you need help with any forms mentioned above I will freely help or you can go to this link on Miki Klann’s group website:

Download PDF • 26KB

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