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Jim’s Daily Rant. Conscious Evolution. Part II

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Yesterday I saw this headline, Florida lawmaker’s bill would get rid of the Democratic Party. The article said:

“The Ultimate Cancel Act” (SB 1248), sponsored by state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill), would cancel the filings of any political party that supported slavery during the Civil War.

“The Democrat party adopted pro-slavery stances in their party platforms and this bill says that if you have done that in the past, then the Secretary of State shall de-certify and get rid of the party,” Ingoglia said.”

On the surface it is fun to say "Get rid of the Democrats", as in kill them all.

However, it is not a viable answer.

How would you judge a Democrat before killing them?

Believe in 50% of their platform? 25%? Who would judge them?

No, it would all be an act of futility to try to stop another's thinking.

Shrinks tell us it is easier to change a bad habit than stop one,

so let's do it their way.

Let Republicans leave behind their High and Mighty ways and get the

Democrats to do the same and all go into a new and bigger tent together, willingly.

How do we do this? Simply follow the yellow brick road, the plan that is in action now.

Let us all discover that there really isn't a shortage of anything humans need or want.

Let us realize warfare only benefits the Elite, not the common folks.

That is why the Elites create the wars - so they gain from them while the world suffers terribly.

Let us do away with the crooked Banksters that have enslaved us; the government Patent offices that hold back humanity's technological advancements; Big Pharma and industrial medicine that profits only when we suffer; and on and on to all Central Governments that control us and our thoughts for their power and benefits. Only when we decide to simply STOP killing, torturing and abusing each other can we evolve and grow in peace - together. If we hold the long course the Military Intelligence, thru Trump, gave us, and we give it our energy and good thoughts, love it and support it, humanity, as a whole, will get there. We just need to hold the line. Isn't this how an alien Highly Advanced Civilization would have ended our current problems, by actually treating the true source of the problems and not just blaming it on each other and continuing on with them?


In 1967, during the middle of the Vietnam war, I was in my first semester of Jr. College in Psychology 101. The professor brought in a polygraph machine and tilted it so we could all watch the needle on the dial. He summoned young Mary to plug in. He asked if her first name was Mary. She responded "Yes". The machine reacted. Needle: Very little movement. He told her to not speak anymore. He then said: . . Watermelon. Needle: Very little Movement . . Vietnam. Needle: Major Movement . . Tennis Shoes. Needle: Very little Movement . . Pregnant. Needle: Was bent in the experiment She appeared to be a very sane normal teenager just like us. But in retrospect, after class would not have been a good time to ask her on a date. Her body was now loaded with adrenaline which remained for several hours. _____________________________________ Ten years later I read an article in News Week Magazine that the FBI was in trouble for entrapment while using polygraph machines. They would ask males if they had "homosexual tendencies". The needle bent from the key word. The machine was turned off and it was explained the subject could get fired for his response. After explaining he was the best thing since chocolate candy for girls, he would talk his head off about what the agents were investigating.


So Folks, we are not damaged goods. We are just human, triggered by key words chemically ingrained in our minds from our personal history. Utter the winning word and the adrenaline pumps.

When I wanted a challenging ride, all I had to do was mention my wife's ex-husband's name!


I somehow learned that people cannot kill us without our higher self giving consent first. The same is also with pushing our buttons. We can choose to turn off this reaction if we are conscious of it and choose to do so. So in a way, people cannot push our buttons if we don't consent. But most of us default and never learn to read our bodies. This is the part of "Communicating with the Universe" that we are now evolving to.

Please never tell my wife what I said here today. Yeah, I would go right off to sleep with a grin on my face while she sat up mumbling for three hours. She would kill me, without my consent, if she found out! __________________________________________ This is part of the evolution we are going through right now. We will then be aware of a lot of things we are allowing to occur without our knowledged consent. The WEF knows and uses what we are all learning now. Once we become aware then we can recreate our life in accordance of what we ourselves consciously choose, not what others choose for us for their own personal ride.

__________________________________________ We need to really focus on the Ukraine war. If the majority of the 7.5 Billion of our species see the ugliness and futility in it, the 1 million man WEF can never broom that tide back into the sea. This is mass humanity’s real awakening.

Last week Zelensky said that if the U. S. doesn’t help Ukraine in destroying Russia we would no longer be the leader of the world. He got no traction with that statement. My guess is 80% of Americans said “So ?”

That is why I say we are beyond the point of our Mass Conscious Evolution being stopped.

Enjoy the show Folks.

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