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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Compare & Contrast IRS To The CCP In Beijing.

A week ago we were informed that Congress was to hold a hearing to question why the IRS decided to destroy 30 million tax returns, all with refunds due the filers.

My guess is Congress was told the IRS did as it was told to do, delay paying the claims as there was no money available. My guess is Congress already knew of the critical money problem, so there was no real reason for the hearing.

Yesterday we learned that the CCP in China has been installing fire hydrants in communities that are fake and not connected to anything. They have also been building storm drains that are not hooked to anything,. The government has been constructing fake infrastructure. Now we are told of massive flooding in china, including in their capital city, Beijing. It never floods on Beijing.

It appears that a Chinese teaching since 300 BC is that when a dynasty no longer protects its citizens or land, that dynasty must be replaced. No wonder China is hiding the floods form the world and its own citizens.

There is no doubt in my mind that both the US Deep State and the CCP know their respective governments are in certain collapse and they cannot save themselves. There is no hope for them.

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