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Jim’s Daily Rant. Do You Mean IRS Screwed The People?

I filed my son’s 2020 tax return in February of 2021. He had a $7,000 refund due him. He still has not received that refund. He ended up sending the IRS two more copies of that original return, with the first copy “never received by IRS". The second replacement copy was received when it was sent certified. He finally had to take his ID personally to IRS last month to prove he was he. He was told the IRS was fearful someone else was trying to get his refund. He expects his refund in August.

Today I read where IRS decided to destroy 30 million 2020 returns filed by mail, This was done in March, 2021.

Note I had two other tax clients that had to resend their tax returns that year. Be aware that I only have six tax clients. Be aware that all three of them had large refunds due them.. Also be aware that if you have a refund due, your tax return goes to a particular address.

I believed then that IRS did not have the money to pay out some refunds and was holding back those filings.

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