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Jim’s Daily Rant. Clif Hit Another Temporal Marker Yesterday.

I was delighted to see that yesterday Clif hit another home run. Just like Babe Ruth, he pointed to the spot about three months back when he said “expect to see it begin by the end of the year.” That is when he said the news outpouring will be greater than the Deep State can control and stay ahead of. At that time the captured Main Street News will have to divulge news stories that formerly would never disclose to viewers, because they will have to explain the story in order to then say it is a false story.

That point was hit yesterday with the news story breaking Virgin Islands attorney general sues JPMorgan Chase over banking services for Jeffrey Epstein. Actually CNN News and other Main Street News sources broke it. To their dismay, they had to.

What makes this story very unusual is the divergence between the 2 Minute Video that came after the written narrative. The written narrative never mentions that Jes Staley was forced to resign as the CEO of Barclays yesterday due to the story implicating him as the reason JPMorgan is being sued. Before working for Barclays Staley worked for JPMorgan and palled around with Epstein.

But clearly both the video and printed article are hollering the SODDI Defense, Some Other Dud Did It. Bankers would never have done that so it can’t be true.


Getting back to Clif, what I admire about him is his vision of today from a very far back positioned looking point. He looks at today like an animal tracker looks at foot prints in front of his own feet. He then looks up and sees off in a distance with certainty where his prey is heading to.

I have been studying the Collapse and Reset for a good 25 years. I knew its enormity and impact on humanity. But I never saw it as a “civilization collapse” as Clif did, and Clif is absolutely correct in saying that. Clif really has a handle on where we are going Folks.

P.S. Clif jolted me yesterday with his podcast on changing technology. I too saw it coming but failed to factor in it’s immediacy possibility. It caused me to make changes on a project I am currently working on. I will share it with you in an upcoming Rant.

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