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  • Jim Costa

Pascal Najadi: Spills the Beans About the Current Wartime President & CIC Donald J. Trump - The World Must Know! [Absolute Must See] Recapped

Truth Stream. . . . . 75 Minute Video   This was recorded Feb 6, 2024

18 MM "Our real threat is from other species."

25 MM Countries that did or disclosed nothing about the VAX are participants in Demicide.

27 MM The No Fly Zone over MaraLargo (White House) ends June 1st.

Trump is not the father of the VAX; he stopped it. 39 MM Pascal is not giving his opinions, he is giving disclosure he was authorized to relay. The United Nations building has been shut down. (In Switzerland?)

43 MM The first president of the UN was a Nazi.

He discusses Elon Musk

56 MM Discusses Alt Media being cut off.


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05 de mai.

Jim, this pascal vid was made 2/9/24 on the truth stream channel on rumble. Just so you know….

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