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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Brunson Brothers’ Research On The 9th Amendment.

In yesterday’s podcast Loy Brunson was talking at the end about his conversation with the SCOTUS Attorney. I failed to mention this in my Recap because It did not pertain to the Brunson V Adams case before the court.

He mentioned to the Attorney all the ways to rectify the Congress that is out of control. One was to look at the 9 the Amendment:

“The 9th Amendment says: The enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Brunson then pointed out that Congress granted itself immunity from criminal charges if they fail to uphold their Oath of office in protecting and preserving the Constitution.

This may be very important. What if somehow SCOTUS declared unconstitutional the self proclaimed immunity Congress has to abridge the rights of the people freely, and in conflict with the Constitution?

What if SCOTUS were to declare their immunity Unconstitutional immediately and anyone who continues their actions against their oath will commit Treason, Per Se.

And then watch Congress try to sidestep their duty of hearing complaints of voting fraud in the 2022 Mid-terms, for ten days after it has been certified?

Then perhaps later on Jan 6th rule on Brunson v Adams. Realize that in the immediate case before them, they are only asked to remove the 388 Defendants from office permanently, not lob off their heads. Whereas if they fail in their duty to review the 2022 election commit Treason per se.

One final note on this. By delaying until Jan 6th for their conference, a new freshman class of Congressmen will be sworn in to fill seats, making it easier to reconstitute Congress before the prior classes get emptied.

All of this is the yellow frog to get the train back on the tracks!

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