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Jim’s Daily Rant. Been Slack On The Website Because I’ve Been Fat Farming It.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks, but now I am back.

I have spent the past few weeks focusing on my butt, Clif’s new diet plan and altering it to fit my needs; been learning.

You know me, I always see the world as systems and procedures. I needed a procedure dedicated to removing my butt from my view. I now have such a procedure. With 100% accuracy I can get up and decide to lose one or two pounds each day. It’s as easy as a walk in the park and I am never hungry. It’s amazing when you cooperate with Mother Nature.

My goal is to lose 80 pounds of gut. The procedure I am now on will get me there in six weeks!

I had a choice of doing it over 6 months or a month and a half. I chose the latter because of my wife. She is constantly chasing me with a butcher knife threatening to cut off my yen yang if I don’t get back to my wedding day weight of 40 years ago. This I my first week on the new procedure and truthfully I still look behind me to insure I am not dropping body parts!

I decided to stop playing their game. I am insuring myself of no: cancer, arthritis, diabetes, joint pain, dementia, heart attack and strokes. The bastards wouldn’t tell us to just get off the seed oils and fructose. They’ve been playing us for 100 years.

Folks, this is our new future, to live for your 120th birthday party. You don’t need to wait for the med beds. You can heal yourself now.

If anyone wants a free copy of it email me.

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