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From Jeff - Turning Points.


The Arrested, Executed and/or Replaced List of 4 Nov 2023, aka Gitmo List at the link is the most useful I've seen.  Only a few are listed as serving life sentences and House Arrest is no longer a category. Entries are alphabetized by first name and I haven't noticed the endless duplicates once seen on some hopium sites.  There are many surprising and questionable entries among 348 public figures.  At the end it says all Royalty, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Vatican Cardinals have been dealt with worldwide.  Can we believe it?  Trump often said, "We caught them all".  You decide but we are not going to get confirmation from a *.gov site or the NYTimes anytime soon.  The imaged list was too blurry to read online in my browser but downloading and viewing locally was clear and crisp.


Turning Point Examples:

For the most part double/clone replacements for perps on the Gitmo List continued their scripts as if nothing had changed.  Lately some replacements have been changing tune.  Looks like the WHs are having doubles begin flipping the news right side up.  On top of that, Trump is winning his fake court cases.  The cases can't be very legit if doubles like Donaldo Trumf are allowed to appear in court.  Here are a few recent Turning Points in the news.  Winning!

Resident Brandon is flipping on Israel by demanding they strike a peace deal with Hamas and threatening to withhold weapons.  Biden's double has been obvious since his 2020 campaign debate with Trump.

Debbie Birks is flipping the Covid jab narrative in interviews by saying thousands have been injured.  Deborah Birx has at least 2 or possibly 3 obvious doubles.  They aren't trying to hide the swaps for this one. The doubles don't wear scarves even though the real one's nickname was The Scarf Lady.  We are being shown...

Rasheeda Tlaid is now demanding arrest of Netiyahoo (he's a double too).  I haven't compared pics for Rashida Tlaib's double but someone is controlling her social media.

Barney Sonders and Rasheeda Tlaid are introducing legislation to eliminate medical debt for millions.  SMELLS LIKE JUBILEE TO ME.  Again, I have not compared pics for a Sanders double and someone other than Tlaib is controlling her web page if she's been executed.

Kris Kuomo is taking Ivermectin daily after demonizing it during the plandemic.  Apparently it works good enough to bring avatars back from Gitmo.  I have not compared Cuomo/double pics side by side.

Andy Kooper is leaving CNN and taking heat on the way out.  Cooper's double is reasonably believable.

Bill Maher has been slamming all sorts of leftists lately.  He IS NOT on the Gitmo List so maybe the real thing is innocent enough to be free range active.  Lot's of examples from this search link:

AstraZeneca has flipped and recalled their Covid Jabs.  One brand down, several to go - another Turning Point.

These examples should be enough to draw some conclusions.  The WHs are being extremely gentle with the snowflake normies in changing the narrative.  You can't just jolt the sheep awake - see attachment.  In some cases doubles are so obviously mismatched that the WHs must be purposely creating easy examples for truthers to explain to the sheep. In the beginning I had no idea how delicately normies must be treated. After 12 years of alienating sleepers, including family, I now understand the depth of their brainwashing and programming.

In the US the WHs had little choice but to be gentle and secretive to avoid the breakout of chaotic and emotional civil war scenarios since so many own guns but have little idea which way to point them.  My success at waking normies sufficiently to prevent their lining up for jabs is at best around 10%.  Now that people are waking to the plandemic jab results plus Bidenomics more US citizens should soon be mentally prepared for the coming Precipice and Scare Event.

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