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Jim’s Daily Rant. Antarctica While Wearing Big Girl Panties.

Updated: Feb 26

Hopefully today is a leisurely Sunday for most of us. It so you don’t have an urgent need to avoid re-watching yesterday's podcast again, Antarctica Disclosure - ROBERT SEPEHR. But this time do it with an open mind and not terrified.


Now let’s discuss it. In my 10 year old article Humanity Awakens, I said this about the Space Aliens:

-- Now The Woo Woo Stuff --

The 20%

Let us assume that the 1947 story of Roswell is true, and that within a year the CIA and the National Security Administration were created to keep things quiet. Because of the security, there was now a vehicle to bleed off money from the treasury outside of Congressional oversight. Let's also assume that 20% of the military was spun off to pursue that rabbit hole and reverse engineer the alien technology. That was sixty years ago, but now we must assume that 20% of the military is at least a hundred years technologically advanced over us, and they did it with our money!

Here's the fun part, Sports Fans. If you accept all the above paragraph as truth, then let's take it a few steps further. The 20% would need the best and the brightest we have to offer. Therefore, they would need national testing to search out those youngsters, so they might have the right doors open to their education, from an early age until split college. What do I mean by this you might ask? If the technology is to be kept secret, then the colleges most assuredly cannot teach it. But at the same time, the colleges must know and use the knowledge in order to expand on it for the benefit of the 20%. The solution was to split the big colleges. Certain subjects had two tiers: one for the plain folks and one for the gifted. Imagine knowing that you paid a hundred thousand dollars for a stripped-down psychology degree from a major university, and another student got the real thing for the same price, which was probably picked up by the 20%!

The feelings that I have is that the 20% military must now come back into the fold quickly, or they will, in a way, perish. I see them as someone standing in the rain outside our door. They need to come in and rejoin the family, but are afraid to ring the doorbell, so there they just stand. What they fear is us and our reaction when we discover that they had a simple cure for cancer forty years ago and failed to share it with us, all while our kinfolk suffered horribly and died from cancer.

If the 20% rejoins us, as I feel they must, they will have to immediately share all of their technology with mankind and give up control of it in the process, as payment for absolution. If this occurs, the global financial system will collapse at once. We will no longer need the electrical, oil, plastics, agro-farm, medical, financial industries, etc. They will be obsolete overnight.  Our whole culture will stand on its head begging to be recreated.

The ETs

In order to lower your anxiety level, I am going to give you the only real fact I have regarding the ETs, here and now. The rest of the information I have is simply conjecture, the same as yours. Here's the fact: If the ETs traveled three million miles to come here to suck the brains out of my head, they are going to be awfully disappointed with me.

If you accept the 20% military above as somewhat true, then you must also accept that a percentage of the UFOs are, or could be, us, in the form of that 20%. Now just think about that and let it settle in. Right off the bat, we know that some of the UFOs are us, but in secret.

This paragraph is reserved so you can do some serious thinking about what was just said. Think about it, damn it! Don't go jumping ahead.

[Blank] [Blank]

Before we go and start talking about the Real ETs that may want to suck my brains out, let's deal with the known ETs, that part of humanity, here and now, that lives off-earth. For ease of thinking, let's refer to them as the "20%." This is what I believe about them: they are Galactic in their travel capabilities; our funding put them there; our offspring replaces their retirements and feeds their intellectual advancement; we continue to finance them, and therefore, they are still dependent on us. They may be Galactic, but they remain tethered to us by a long umbilical cord.

Now here is what is not known about the 20% Are they still dependent on the military, or can, will, or have they, break (broken) away from the military rule? Both the U.S. military and the 20% are major wild cards in this game as to their support of a One World Government.

However, think about this, Sports Fans. It surely must be embarrassing for the 20% when bragging in a Galactic singles bar about their intellectual prowess, and at the same time passing out their business cards which read, "Powered by slave labor." The only thing more embarrassing would be to have training wheels on their space craft.

When I began this article, I said that I thought I figured out what the catalyst for the collapse would be, but later decided I was wrong. Well, here is that false start. I figured that if a machine of some sort landed on earth that was obviously not from earth, we would all clamor for a one-world government that could collectively protect us. It had to be a machine, however. If a being appeared, then the big countries would most probably cut a deal and sell the smaller countries out, if necessary. But a single machine that does nothing . . . you get no feedback as to what the intentions are, cannot communicate, and become terrified of the unknown. But the time for that is gone, as we have been programmed to accept that intelligent life is flying those UFOs that visit us, so we can forget about the machine probe.

Earlier, I also stated my firm belief that the 20% must now come back into the fold.

I believe that humanity is undergoing a quantum leap in evolution; I will go into detail of this later. But for now, suffice it to say that if earth bound humanity gets a major upgrade and the 20% do not, technically they are dead, as they are dependent on us for continued life. Therefore, they must return to the fold to survive, and upon their return, a financial collapse must result from the release of their technology.

      [End of Woo Woo Section.]


See Full Article: Humanity Awakens (2012)

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