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Jim’s Daily Rant. Hitler And The Breakaways.

Introduction: The first time I ate dinner with my wife’s family my future Mother-In-law asked me if I liked the okra. Being the independent outspoken person I was and a dedicated okra hater, I told her I loved it. Karma is a bitch because I could never tell her that I lied about it. I had to eat those words many times thereafter.

Neal Donald Walsch tells us in his book Conversations With God that humans are not perfect or expected to be. We are on an experimental path to learn to create our best selves. We can’t learn unless mistakes are made by us or others. I have shared with you god’s supposed statement that no one ever committed murder that at that instant didn’t truly believe they were doing the right thing.


If you take an honest look at Hitler’s early political career you see what he was up against. He took control of a bankrupt empire. From today’s eyes, you can see that Germany was charged the full bill for WWI by the KM (new World Bank) for starting the war when it was a collective free-for-all. But History always is written by the winners and they prepare the bill to be sent to the losers. Thus Germany had no future except poverty and slavery.

Hitler accomplished what we wish we could do today – he evicted the Banksters, created their own money and built an economy that was the envy of the world. This lead to WWII because the Banksters couldn’t allow other countries to end their Central Bank scams too.

Nobody who starts a fight ever knows how it will end, nor the violence that will come of it. Again remember we are just humans. Hitler didn’t start WWII, he was manipulated/pushed/forced into it by the Banksters though.

The worst we are told of Hitler is the gas showers exterminating 6 million Jews. That just isn’t so. It never occurred. I spent several months researching that and have no doubts of my conclusion. We were taught this by the genocidal KM who is genociding us today. So make a serious questioning of this yourself. I will concede that a great many people were forced into slave work camps in which many died. But wholesale slaughter of 6 million Jews never occurred.


So if we assume that there was a breakaway part of the German military that escaped post WWII Germany by moving to Antarctica;

And we assume they are now 100 years more technology advanced than the rest of the world;

And we assume the powerful world leaders have a treaty with them, while keeping them secret;

And part of their population is now in outer space as well;

NOW THEREFORE, let’s discuss what they may be up to TODAY.

The First Question is are they aligned with and control the CABAL/KM?

The Second Question is if they are happy moving into space, do they need us alive, dead, or eh, if we were not a threat to them?

The Third Question is is it probable that they escaped the KM’s influence, have advanced like we are hoping to do today, and now will help us catch up and reunite with them as a species?

The Final Question is if we answer Question #3 above in the affirmative, would we be forgiving and open to regroup our species for the betterment of the species? Could we welcome partnership with ourself again?


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