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Jim’s Daily Rant. 1/4th Of Movie Goers Are Now Screaming Fire! [Absolute Must See]

Two giant steps have been taken today that should alert all watching this movie.

First Janet Yellen reversed her statement Friday and now says small banks “may” get Bail Outs. We all just need to stay calm. The U.S. will backstop the entire world banking system by somehow raising $17 Trillion. It appears that the U.S. now controls all Central Banks. Source Source

Last night Europe raised their interest Rate 50 Basis points. Source

Tomorrow it appears that Powell will also rates the U. S. Rates another 50 Basis points. Source

Before I said that psychological Death Hyperinflation historically kills a currency in 6 months.

Now that the government is both lighting the fire and fanning it with their mouths, and never seen before money printing, I believe the U.S. Dollar may not last longer than one month. Source

Now contrast this with the government announcement yesterday that their Crypto will be introduced in July. All of this points to an out of control complete crash. Source

If one half of the business people here are not sheeple, and half of them control business money in some way or are close to the employees that are money handlers, then One Fourth of those watching this movie are screaming Fire in the theater!

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