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Dear Jim - Fwd: University students are protesting Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people... [Absolute Must See]

A good thing, one would think.  However there are reports, including Alex Jones, that Soros is funding them.  That's crazy because why would Soros, a zionist pro-Israel globalist, want to fund such protests?

Consider the possibility that the protests are part of a larger agenda for a communist take-over of America, commencing after our Nov. election.  This would explain why Israel let down its guard and seemingly allowed Hamas to attack them on Oct 6 to kick this off.  Also, why doesn't the Israeli killing of women and children stop?  If there's a bigger agenda, then Israel will not stop killing and the Univ. protests will also not stop and all this will continue right up to our Nov 6 election.  Also, if this is accurate, we'll also start to see the Univ. protests morph into more of a "death to America" sentiment.

Read Clif High's post this morning, which ties this together with some detail about what's to come:

This does seem possible and I appreciate the heads-up from Clif.  Obviously this would be disruptive to supply chains, so might be smart to stock up on essentials.  And realize that if & when communists come, you'll want a way to defend yourself.

Pete E.

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