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From Joe: Reason why Life Insurance companies have quietly added the "Cyber-attack" verbage.

A while back during one of our telephone conversations, you told me that Life Insurance companies were quietly adding “cyber-attack” into their policy Exclusion Clause sections that include other conditions like war, terrorism, insurrection or “Acts of God.”

At the time, I suggested that the reason for that addition is because the actuarial calculations developed by the insurance industry have been severely undermined by the 40% increase of “all-cause” mortality for the 18-64 age cohort since introduction of the COVID bioweapon shot in 2021.

I conjectured that the reason the “cyber-attack” verbiage was added to the exclusion sections was because the COVID injections contain Graphene Oxide nanoparticles that vibrate when subjected to electro-magnetic frequencies in the 5G range – which can adversely impact the blood-brain barriers in the brain and also release payloads of potential pathogens they might be carrying.

I just discovered a science paper published in the September, 2022 edition of Materials Today Chemistry supporting my hypothesis, which concludes that cell phone signals can be used to release biological or chemical payloads from graphene oxide that’s introduced into the human body.

The Study was entitled:

“Remotely controlled electro-responsive on-demand nanotherapy based on amine-modified graphene oxide for synergistic dual drug delivery.”

It demonstrates how the “presence of a specific frequency of a low voltage current is all that’s necessary to cause graphene oxide to release its payload.”

If you don’t want to read the highly scientific version of the study, here is an article that breaks down the study’s conclusions in lay-person terms:

Since Insurance Companies must price policies and create “Escape Clauses” to protect their business model, they would be the first to investigate and “cover” themselves against a potential sudden death event of large portions of the population that can result from a 5G electromagnetic “cyber-attack” that activates the Graphene-Oxide nanoparticles injected during the COvid Plandemic campaign.

It appears that this Nuremburg 2.0 “slow-death” campaign is finally becoming more evident, since Florida is the first state whose Surgeon General has just now issued a warning regarding the latest COVID booster injections.

Joe Wade

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