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From Jim - Recap Of Clif's Diet Plan.

Recap of Clif High’s Podcasts on Seed Oil Free Diet.


I posted my original Rant on June 21st. At that time I had not recorded on paper my daily experience and misguessed my starting date. Two days later I realized my weight loss tapered off while I was following the same daily procedure. So I retraced my actual experience on paper and analyzed it.

As a programmer, I realized my procedure was failing to account for something else. After listening again to Clif High’s two podcasts I realized I failed to use Nude Sunbathing and/or an Infrared Sun Lamp. My sunlamp will arrive this afternoon.

So to summarize what I was trying to say above:

I originally said I was losing 1 pound per day.

That may have tapered off the fast few days, but it can be enhanced higher with a sun lamp.

In a few days I will have better numbers going further in time.

But in retrospect, in the past 9 days, I have lost 6.4 lbs., for a daily average of 7/10ths per day,

for a Weekly Average of 5 lbs.

Recap Of Clif High’s Diet Plan Procedure From his True Fat Podcast:

Note: Although I am recapping, you still need to listen to Clif’s two podcasts to understand it all.

1. Get off all seed oils & margarin (including vegitable, canola, corn, soy, peanut, etc).

The exception is avacado oil and Olive oil, but only use Olive without high frying heat.

Stay away from all processed foods containing any of the above,

and stay away from restaurant food.

2. To eat fat, use butter, or fry in: animal lard, bacon grease or clarified butter (water removed from the butter first).

3. Sunbath nude OR use an Infrared Sun Lamp, about 20 minutes per day. sun needs to be on the torso (front or back) to produce the daily photon energy needed to expel the stored seed oil through urine and bowel movements.

4. During the first week expect strange bowel movements as the clogged digestive system is cleared out. From then on expect the stomach to feel less filled and less tight. You will also feel more energized.

5. He cites a 360 lb. Woman, obese since childhood, who went on the diet for 4 months. It took her one month to get all the seed oils out of her diet. Over the next 3 months she lost 30 lbs. Clif does not mention her sunbathing habits.

Recap of Crispy Critters Podcast (first 10 minutes only).1. Get off all seed oils & margarin

A. He cites several men that looked pregnant using an Exercise Belt with built in taser during the day.

This will speed up the removal of seed oil fat cells from the body. This tricks the body into believing it is exercising and pulls the fat from that area. He says this process may take up to a year to complete for [overly obese] persons.

Note that he does not say a woman should not do this as well.

Equipment I Personally Ordered:

Exercise Belt $70

Infrared Sun Lamp $39

My Use of the Sun Lamp.

This is all new to me. I have learned that the lamp must be about 3 inches from the body, that the infrared cannot burn or tan you, goggles are not required, and some of the red lights cannot be seen with the human eye.

I have decided that you can always do the front of back; both are not required.

Mounting: I chose to clamp the light to a 12 inch length of 1 X 6 inch board. This makes it heavy and movable without falling off furniture. It can be used on a dresser, bath vanity, kitchen counter, or in my case, my office desk while I read the computer.

My Daily Weight Experience:

Scanned Document
Download PDF • 150KB

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