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From Jeff - Updates: Rickard's Summary, Pep Talk, and More...

Jim's synopsis of Rickards videos: "#4 Next The Federal Reserve guaranteed all depositors would be covered so no need to raid the banks." It was actually Yellen at the Treasury announcing all deposits would be backed by the ESF, not Powell at the Fed. The almost bottomless Deep State ESF slush fund is being tapped and drained. The FDIC can't cover even a single Big Bank crash. Was the ESF was included in Yellen's calculation of the June 5th X-Date when the Treasury would run out of cash? If so the ESF is now near zero. Brandon signed McCarthy's debt bill yesterday so crisis averted but the ESF question is still valid. Brandon signed??? Everything is FAKE! Also, I think Quayle made a mistake about 10+ Trillion$ being spent on precious metals. Maybe many, many Billion$ like the metal market analysts are talking about. A trillion is truly a huge number when talking about real stuff. I don't think multi-Trillion$ in available metal exists at current prices. ======================== Who stirred some hopium into the Pep Talk Kool-Aid? I'll admit I added a teaspoon thinking about a June 1 market event. It should be clear to most that everything in this war is a total psyop distraction on both sides. We get clues but they are never actionable intel. The clues are getting more straightforward all the time as The Calm Before The Storm winds down. Ready, but we should be careful what we wish for... Nothing major happened Jun 1st (banking or market crash, etc) but the Pep Talk did not predict any big events. It said be patient, Trump is working within Constitutional optics. It sure felt like McCarthy caved on the debt bill but after a few days maybe not so much, not at all. X22 told us the WHs got control of the House Appropriations Committee. Will McCarthy follow through and use that power to defund the DS agencies? Some 17-ish channels told us the McCarthy debt bill voting tagged a bunch of NO voting Republicans that need to be "reigned in". At the same time NO voters were called "us" and included the flipped AOC (double/clone). Confusing depending on your point of view but McCarthy is Trump's puppet. Everything is a psyop. Remember that Trump placed McCarthy as Speaker and Q predicted those 15 grueling rounds of House voting to get him into position. The following is an IMPORTANT OPTIC to remember - I had forgotten until recently: McCarthy led a 40 min reading of the Constitution on the House floor: Trump likely has mind flipping goods on McCarthy and pulled him into the MAGA Camp long ago. Links below - note the WWG1WGA bracelet and the hand positions as if he is wearing cuffs. Good Cop / Bad Cop posts - Start here plus next 4 posts: and thru #1262 =============== Reports by Real Raw News are being referenced by others more and more each day. The transfer of high valued clients to Guam was publicized by some as a Gitmo closure - not likely. Gitmo now has room for quick transport of new, lower valued clients not worth risking a DS rescue mission over. ================ Fans of Deep Woo-Woo might wanna check these out. Courtney Brown (well known Remote Viewer) talks Prison Planet and The Alien Agenda. Allgire link is also "spacey" but different. Courtney Brown: [1 hr] [45 min] Allgire: [7 min] ================ Snippy talks about Boom Week ahead. Blackout necessary - 5 year Delta: [100 sec] Then he connects sonic booms in DC - comms? Boom week? [70 sec] ================ I just mailed a donation to Trump's Save America PAC. The fine print on the request no longer shows donations being split between Trump's PAC and the RNC. Trump gets it all now. ================ It's an exciting time to be alive with the time to follow real time historical events. This time in history will be written about and analyzed for decades, maybe a century or more. I'm ready to rip off the bandaid but still hope it doesn't hurt too much.

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