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From Jeff - Pep Talk Thread (Be Ready)

All eyes and ears on the debt ceiling vote Wed evening. American Patriot, aka ColdWarPatriot, made a series of posts in a subdued pep talk today. Sure seems like the ongoing Deep State exposure and pain is concluding our very long Calm Before The Storm - this week and next. There is still a lot that needs to transpire before Trump can return. Photoshop meme of Trump telling JFK, "I got this". 40 sec clip of Schumer saying [Trump] was dumb to do this: Text from #2295 to #2302 - all copied below: [ JFK started it. Trump will finish it. Goodbye CIA/ FBI. Full House vote on the Debt Limit Ceiling is tomorrow evening. Wednesday, May 31, 2023. As it is lining up. June 1st is a very important day. Be patient Patriots. The show through the USA Inc. must roll out to its finish. Trump is using the context of the US Constitution to push out the corporation. Hell will break out soon. Many ways to kill a Corporation. One is you quit funding it. [Comment insert: Are takedowns of Bud, Target, and Kohls WH ops?] Last message I will write about this subject. Events have happened while you slept last night. Major events are about to unfold in front of you within a short time period. Patriots have and are putting their lives on the line while you sit at home with your impatience. We have been called upon by a higher authority to help you along this journey. I can see some will be stuck in the 3D world while the rest leave. Any Blackpilling energy seen will be quickly removed. No excuses. There is a new world coming in. And the handful still dug in are not going to come with us. Carry on. Note this. All of your anxieties. The hell most of you have gone through most of your lives. The disappointments. Now is your time to focus. Your faith. You know what greatness awaits humanity. Focus on what is coming. This will be the greatest event in the history of the world besides the birth of the living son. Focus. We deal with the things daily that we have to as it leaves. Focus on the future of what is at the door. Your inheritance. Leave this world mentally behind you. Do not be of this world. Because you are not. Patience. You are almost there. You are going to live and receive the greatest gift that humanity has ever had. There is a world coming so tremendous that it will make you cry with joy. ] ----------- Bonus links - highly complementary with the above: Jack is dead... [ WHs control Jack's account ] [ screenshot ] James Comey on Durham Report: “There’s always going to be mistakes. It doesn’t mean the FBI isn’t competent, honest and independent." James Comey is in Big Trouble. [ 90 sec video ] ========== BUCKLE UP! I would say Hang On To Your Shorts, but I lost weight during my decade of waiting and now hang on to my shorts EVERY day...

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