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From Jeff - Update: Something to read into ?

Not following this topic too closely but the article linked and highlighted below provides some clarification on the first JPM/Epstein test case and certification of a FUTURE and larger class action. Everything is connected - if the banks go down they all go down. Eventually the money trail leads to the extorted and blackmailed clients where the funding originated. It ain't over till it's over.


,,,settlement was an astonishing $290 million, despite the fact that the lawsuit was brought by just one women, Jane Doe 1...

Jane Doe 1 was able to become a multiple threat to JPMorgan Chase because yesterday Judge Rakoff entered an Opinion and Order certifying the case as a Class Action. Rakoff’s order explained the broad scope of the class being certified as follows:

“All women who were sexually abused or trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein during the time when JP Morgan maintained [accounts] for Epstein and/or Epstein-related entities, which included January 1, 1998, through on or about August 19, 2013, both dates inclusive, and continuing to the time of Epstein’s death on August 10, 2019.”

To put it bluntly, JPMorgan Chase was now facing the prospect of women from around the globe who had been trafficked or sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein over the span of 21 years coming forward with potentially new and more incriminating evidence implicating the bank...


More at:

Judge's class expansion from one to many, filed 06/12/23:

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