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Jim’s Daily Rant. Is This Something To Read Into?

When a class action lawsuit is filed, it is traditional that the strongest case is tried first, followed by the next strongest case, etc until a full settlement of all the cases is reached or awarded by the court.

JP Morgan Chase bank was sued in a class action suit by a number of Epstein victims. The suit alleges that JP Morgan was a partner with Epstein in money laundering. This morning it was announced that Morgan settled on the first test case. A few hours later it was announced that Morgan settled on all the cases in the class action for $290 Million.

That just leaves the case filed by the Virgin Islands against the bank leaders personally for money laundering. Is this something we can read into? Is Morgan offering up their leaders?

This morning Ben Fulford Blurb indicates the US corp. government failed under bankruptcy last week, that some government offices are shutting down and that the big banks are collapsing now.

This morning Judy Byington is saying the same that Ben Fulford said today. Is this something we can read into?

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