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From Jeff - Ukraine Tragedy Entirely Avoidable???

In response to the Rickards' post, "This [Ukraine] Tragedy Was Entirely Avoidable," I was about to write that he left a lot out that needs to be said. Well, I didn't realize Rickards had been writing on this topic for quite a while - he has in fact covered a lot more than what is at the above link(s). The topic is actually huge and cannot be covered in a short article. His earlier post from July 12 includes some necessary info: Needless Death and Misery "Almost everything you heard about the war in Ukraine from U.S. media over the course of March, April and May was a lie. ... It’s not that I’m pro-Russian — I’m not. I’m pro-truth. And I don’t defend the Russian invasion in any way (although I do understand it)." So Rickards has been a bit more accurate than I initially thought. Still there is MUCH more that needs to be said - short news bites will not cut it on the topic of Ukraine. It's not so simple as saying the Ukraine war is needless and avoidable - it's way more complicated. Rickards is a Wall Street lawyer. I assume a member of the BAR, British Accredited Registry, or whatever. So he kinda sorta works for the (dead) Mafia Queen. He works side by side with the Banksters, the Rothschilds, the Khazarian Mafia. He is on a leash and is limited in what he can actually say in public without subjecting himself to "The Wrath of Khan," so to speak. Back to Ukraine. Many years and many billion$ were spent by the US Deep State, the Khazarian Mafia, in prepping Ukraine for the Obama/Clinton/Nuland coup d etat that was actually carried out around 2014. After the fall of the Soviet Union Ukraine was supposed to remain neutral but the Mafia went straight to work breaking all their agreements just like they did with the native American Indians. Rickards says the Ukraine war was needless and avoidable - REALLY!!! The Mafia has all their chips in - it's do or die for their global takeover plan. Ukraine is a key part of their plans - A Keystone. Ukraine is also the Mafia's fallback headquarters if they happen to wear out their welcome in the Middle East. Are they just going to say, oh, we changed our minds, we are going to walk out, okay? Anybody wanna buy a nice big bridge... “Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive.” [possibly spoofed] The region around Ukraine is the ancestral home of the Khazarian Mafia going back thousands of years, like 500 AD or there abouts. Back then they were known as the Serpent People (Satan worshipers) and the Name Stealers, gypsies. They would take in travelers, get to know their story, kill them, and take over their identities. Sounds a lot like our Hollywood gumment(s) today. Fight fire with fire. Let's Go Brandon! Emergency situation in Ukraine... "But the cabal will not go easily and has multiple tricks ups their sleeves. Killing millions of people is nothing new to them." So yeah, the Ukraine War is needless and avoidable if the Khazarian Mafia can be convinced to walk away. Wishful thinking. Is hindsight 20/20 all the way back to 500 AD? The US could never get the Mafia out of Ukraine anytime soon - we can hardly get them out of DC! Russia can certainly get the job done and they have been very patient for a long time - decades. WW3 is about getting rid of the Khazarian Mafia for the next thousand years or perhaps permanently. Rickards will be writing about Taiwan and the Middle East pretty soon. I think he knows what's going on but can't say much. Gonna be needing years of popcorn so stock up. I'm kinda gettin tired of corn...

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