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From Jeff - Israel Last? Is The Movie Ending?

With Israel in the news Q-Post 916 suggests we are getting near the end, but the end of what, The Movie?

Ezra A. Cohen

Six months from now you won't exist.

Ezra A. Cohen ( Q-Post 916 repost )

We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

Christopher Miller

Israel is one step away from a civil war.

15 sec video:

JUST IN: Massive protest in Israel after PM Netanyahu fired defense minister who opposed judicial overhaul. The Israeli IDF raises the alert following the loss of control within the country.

14 sec video:

ISRAEL: Demonstrators break down barriers near Benjamin Netanyahu's home. His family had to be evacuated to a secure location.

The General

JUST NOW: Rumors of mutiny in the Israeli Defense Force. If true this is a civil war.

20 sec video:

President of Kenya Urges Citizens to Get Rid of US Dollars ASAP.

This Movie is picking up speed in all sub-plots at the same time...

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