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From Jeff - Interesting C. Miller Reset, Posts, and Refresher.

Christopher Miller's Telegram Channel has been reset. All old posts deleted and only 3 new posts showing. The old description read something like, "Christopher Miller fan channel. Not associated with Christopher Miller". The reset channel has no description. It was likely Miller's all along (that is, run by the Team 17).

Christopher C. Miller

The Khazarian Mafia set a precedence by arresting the President of this US Republic. Soon suicide week will be upon us. And a certain angel will be collecting their souls as they permanently leave this realm. No escape.

2 min video of mug shots for many likely already executed:

Don't know how I missed this channel before. It seems to be a master archive:

Refresher - Miller was Trump's Acting US Corp Sec Def and is likely current Sec Def for the restored US Republic. Ezra Cohen-Watnick was/is the Under Sec Def for Intelligence among several other related titles and duties including Spec Ops and 5th Gen Warfare. Ezra is rumored to be JJ's son.


Bonus Bite

Prighozin coup, Behind the Scenes, The Plan...

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