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From Jeff - Free Beer Tomorrow.

SGAnon channels on Telegram are copycat pirate accounts. Back when SGAnon's actual Truth Social channel was public anyone could compare the pirate reposts and they were generally accurate. The following SGAnon is expecting a financial event soon but doesn't provide details.

SGAnon [Apr 16]

Based on today's research, I am 70+% confident that a major financial event in the Bretton-Woods western world is in the near future.

Days. Not months.

Below are a few posts from the last week plus other history that SGAnon might have included in his thinking.

GhostEzra [Apr 12]

Perhaps what we have all been waiting for so long will happen tomorrow. The probability is maximum.

[The clues given by the Ezra related 17-ish channels generally give a heap of advance notice. If we translate tomorrow to really mean next week then Apr 12 plus 1 day (tomorrow) becomes Apr 20.]

Apr 13 - Supreme Court allows Brandon student loan forgiveness - initial jubilee?

Shadow of Ezra [Apr 14]

This [bank mergers] is happening right now and is near completion.

One entity to rule them all.

One centralization.

Shadow of Ezra [Apr 15]

Expect riots and violence in banks soon.

Titanic Remembrance Day is April 15th. Eliminate the competition. Let that sink in.

American Patriot [Apr 16]

As I have stated before. Image if the Dow Jones fail switch after a 1K point drop didn’t ‘trip’.

The Battle of Lexington and Concord kicked off the 1st American Revolution on Apr 19, 1773. Lexington and Concord are mentioned several times in the Q drops.

Apr 20 is the anniversary of President Grant signing The Enforcement Act of 1871, aka Ku Klux Klan Act. The Act allows POTUS to use the armed forces to combat anyone who conspired to deny equal protection of the laws and, if necessary, to suspend habeas corpus to enforce the act. The Act was quickly used to put nine counties in South Carolina under martial law and thousands were arrested. Trump is likely using The Act to legally snatch DS criminals outside of the corrupt DOJ. The military is the only way...

It's been about 3 weeks since the President of Kenya told his peeps to dump dollars because the market was going to be different in a couple weeks.

If you missed yesterday's free beer remember that Free Beer Day is always Tomorrow !

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