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From Jeff - Finally, Flat Earth PsyOp Revealed.

Been waiting for a Big Name like Juan O Savin to chime in on the backside of the Flat Earth agenda.  Trusting Kerry Cassidy's words from a short post and did not waste time listening to another overly wordy video.


FLAT EARTH PSI-0P... JUAN CLEARLY STATES he knows the guy who was paid to start that rumor... sell it down the river to the "influencers who were suggestible" who would then sell it to the public... "it was a mapping project" to see where the information would go...who would buy it. I never fell for that BTW... but several people you know and listen to did.... including sad to say SGAnon... and Tellinger and others.

I think this is the relevant O Savin video (I did not watch):

My original comments/theory on the Flat Earth psyop:

It's an information jungle out here...but science trumps crap.  I was skeptical about Mud Floods at first but the archeological evidence from around the globe is overwhelming. Something catastrophic happened in the recent past (1800s?) that has been totally erased from textbook history.

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