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Dear Jim: Your Thoughts On "Watch The Water" Video?

Response: First I don't have the time to watch something that takes 2.5 hours to explain.

Try this Mind Experiment:

Assume you have a bad hypocunastraw and the doctor has prescribed powerful medicine that will keep you alive.

Would you let your partner soak the daily medicine in an acid bath for 20 minutes and then dilute it in a gallon of water each day before taking it?

Then consider this: Why not just say the municipal water will be poisoned instead of saying snake venom? Is it because we are already scared of snakes?

Then consider that snake venom was designed by nature to be injected directly into the victim's blood, not to be broken down into it's basic chemical elements and subsequently combined with a lot of other chemical elements present in the stomach, thus creating a new chemical compound.

Then imagine that no two people on earth will have the same chemical compounds in their stomachs so that most people will die from the newly on-the-fly new chemical compound to be created in the stomach?.

I once attended an open discussion seminar on the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. One lady pointed out that "The solution to pollution is dilution." The government was waiting for the world's oceans to clean up the problem. Then realize a great many municipal water works are over large aquifers that would have to be polluted before the water was drawn. Otherwise, a bad group would have to take control over all water works on the planet to mix the poison in as the water is pumped and distributed. Either method is near impossible acts to kill the majority of humans.

All in all, the math doesn't add up! Don't let the bastards scare you.

P.S. I like what Jeff said - stock up on the meds and just go on with life. Link to Jeff

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