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Dear Jim: Watch The Water??? - Update 2

Was going to write something on Watch the Water but delayed until the worst of the Clifstorm passed. Both Clif and Stone are correct - putting covid snake venom in municipal water would not be practical by any means. I do believe snake venom COULD be part of Covid/vax but WHO really knows? Covid has never been isolated by any public authority and we may never get the complete truth on the "vax". Clif seems to have a distraction agenda. Stone maybe not. Just my opinion but I am not wasting time on the responses of either. Neither seemed to notice the bigger psyop. Let's start at the end of the video where a still screen showed the following text: COMPOUNDS THAT PROTECT AGAINST SNAKE VENOM POISONING [ ie, Covid ] NICOTINE ZINC HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE IVERMECTIN QUERCITIN N.A.C. VITAMIN C COPPER BENTONITE CLAY CORTICOSTEROIDS BUDESONIDE (NEBULIZED) The Deep State and Big Pharma would NEVER EVER connect those therapeutics as effective against Covid so the psyop video falls on the White Hat side of the fence. The list of generics was given without reference to any brand names - get them wherever you want. Advertisements were linked nearby but separate. I already keep items 2 thru 6 on hand and will probably leave it at that. By whatever means the good guy psyop is trying to get as many sheeple as possible to stock up. Most of the 17-ish Telegram channels are pushing Zelenko/Meticore. Kerry Cassidy made some posts about the White Hats using traditionally Black Hat techniques. She is not happy about it. I think she is forgetting just how enormous Goliath is compared to David. All's fair in love and war. Can't beat em, then join em. Back to the video. Ardis repeatedly mentioned that snake venom compounds prevent blood clotting. What is a key Covid "vax" adverse effect? Blood Clots! Those paying attention will immediately throw the video in the trash - no harm done except for wasted time. Those not paying attention will likely drink the fear porn koolaid and the smarter ones will stock up. Gates told us another pandemic was coming. The Gates gang released their flying syringes - GMO mosquitoes. Mosquito related diseased are popping up. The EzraACohen character is warning about future viruses: "They might release multiple viruses..." "Fast forward to today the suspect had some sort of explosives on him. Were they biological?" "The Arabs will be wiped out by plague." Bottom line - Watch the Water is a Good Guy Psyop, get it??? Are you a smarter than a sheeple? Stock up! The General Patton 17-ish character had these words (edited for brevity):

[Note from Jim - Not the real General Patton from WWII] "I had WARNED ⚠️ many many times last year as did many Insiders .. That a COLLAPSE is coming and world create RIOT'S... This_EVENT is going to TRIGGER near DEATH civilization EVENT..../// If your awake and been following... Then you understand this EVENT Will last only for a short time sand you are ready and prepared ( food, supplies, natural resources for energy.. And protection )/// We are wading into the BLACK SWAN EVENT<" If the coming dark ages lasts for only a few weeks or months I will be ecstatic. ________________________________ On 4/11/22 8:05 PM, Jeff wrote: Stew Peters has been warning us to "watch the water" and now he has released a documentary that has been delayed since Mar 22. Watching now so can't yet summarize. Earlier Telegram posts suggested the origins of Covid may be related to SNAKES (serpents and reptilians?). Jeff

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