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Dear Jim: WooHoo - The Florida Plandemic Ends !!!

FL Gov DeSantis has lifted most if not all lockdown restrictions.

It's time to take off the masks and put on thinking caps instead.  I can't take off my mask because I don't have one and never wore one. It's been painful watching almost everyone universally follow orders from our corrupt ruling tyrants that are attempting a complete world takeover.  They laugh at us when the cameras are off.  Anyone who actually looks at and questions the available information is essentially taking an I-Q Test, a wake up call.

Congrats to those who have already passed.

First of all, everyone has a medical exemption from mask mandates.  Due to privacy laws no one is allowed to ask why.  High powered lawyers and big name CEOs know the gig.  Chain stores with legal departments told their managers not to challenge anyone without a mask because they could be liable.  I was only challenged once and I simply turned around and left.  Good thing I live in a red state or I might be in a Nazi jail.

The Corona Virus, or whatever it is, is likely real but there is no pandemic, only fear porn lies on TV.  At first they told us 30 Million would die in the US.  Well, it killed a few people but compared to our 325 MILLION population it might as well be a summer flu.  The deaths are insignificant compared to the lost wages, lost jobs, lost businesses, lost rent, reduced medical care, anxiety, fear, ruined lives, and on and on.  Did the draconian lockdown response kill more than the virus? Jeff

Response: Thanks Jeff.  You are right on point.

But watch today's Erin Scott Post.  Link      Pay close attention at the  6 minute mark regarding the reset and the shutting down of the old system.

What she says about the financial system dying last October (Repo Market) goes hand in hand with my Rant posted today.

Perhaps this is why Trump has not lifted the Coronovirus State of Emergency.  Perhaps he is playing the election now and once he is reelected he can tell the people that the system has died but hang on while we recreate the systems.

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