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Dear Jim: Why I Do Not Listen to Clif High.

Jim, here is your post from Sep. 15:

Thank you for your summary of his video.

None of Clif's predictions from two months ago came through. Yes, there are 10 days left in November. But, I do not see us charging to the precipice.

I used to follow Clif back in '09-'12. I liked his thoughts on silver and gold. And, because of that, I found his thoughts on Dec. 2012 ('...I cannot see anything past Dec. 2012 in my language analysis...that does not bode well...') plausible.

But, after he crashed and burned on that, and others, like David Wilcock, said beforehand that all will be well post-Dec. 2012, I quit buying Clif's 'Half Past Human' reports and tuned him out.

Just food for thought, friend!

Keep up the great work and keep those jokes from your wife at your expense coming; I modify them for use with my friends about me and my wife!.

P.S. -- there are lots of dark episodes that we have had drilled into our minds that I now think never happened. The one you cannot challenge in public is the Holocaust. I have read three books -- The Rudolf Report, The Leuchter Report, and The Hoax of the 20th Century -- by a German chemist, the sole designer and builder of execution chambers in the U.S., and a computer science professor at Northwestern Univ., respectively, and all available free in PDF -- that convinced me the Holocaust never happened. Clif is either not capable of forecasting the future, is being misled, or is an agent of darkness. All three tell me to continue ignoring him.

Sincerely, John

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