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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Clif High’s Time line Projections From Yesterday.

In yesterday’s podcast, What The Woo, starting around the 35 minute mark, High made the following time line projections:

* Beginning this weekend, Sept. 18th, very agitated crowds will gather around the US to demonstrate. Be cautious and anticipate ANTIFA and provocateurs to create violence.

If you see TV cameras setting up get out of the area.

* Watch for a major eruption around the 20th or 24th.

* This weekend will not be the main event. The main event will begin next week with major news drops every few days and continue forward until the Main Street News collapses between now and the third week in October.

This will aid the good guys in the information war and shut down the vaccines and Big Pharma.

* Realize that from here forward all people and the police will be highly agitated and emotional. When going out plan all your moves with safety in mind. * The people of Australia may become over agitated and explode into violence.

* By November we will be looking at a new unknown world. Parts of our systems will have collapsed and as we look we will see more parts beginning to collapse. Expect the legal system to collapse. Traditional power structures will have been weakened or removed.

* By November we will know if we are facing short term chaos or long term chaos.

* Within the next six weeks the Normies will be upset that they were vaxxed and be emotional in trying to repair their bodies.

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