• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Circus For The Masses.

The Senate just voted to NOT allow witnesses. But now we are being told Mitch McConnell does not know how to call the vote to acquit Trump.

We are also being told the trial will continue through Wednesday but not given a reason for the extension or what will be accomplished. It is total confusion now.

Then we have to add to the mix that Trump is scheduled to give a State of The Union Address next Wednesday evening.

I feel that Erin Scott was right in today's post in saying the Impeachment and Coronavirus are both ploys to keep the press from discussing the financial collapse upon us now, and that in a week or two the press will stir up a virus storm to scare the masses. Of course, the end plan is to give the elite a cover story for the collapse now that they cannot remove Trump and get someone in office that will create a war to cover for the collapse.

What we are watching is indeed a circus.

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