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From Jeff - Update: Palestine Protests, Doubles, and More,

It should be clear to readers by now that the WHs are allowing DS shenanigans to proceed so bad guys can be tracked and defused either immediately or later after interrogation.  Never interrupt the enemy when...  I believe Team Trump is going after every DS minion possible, even the ones that have no idea they are DS pawns.  The minions are just as confused as the awakened public (that's us) and that is The Plan. Many of the upper food chain are already gone.

NEW – Mass Arrests INSIDE Columbia University as hundreds of cops Flood to Clear the Encampment and the Occupied Hamilton Hall.  [Remember, many university faculty are DS minions and some participate in the protests.]

"No longer silent: pro-Israelis clashed with pro-Palestinian students at the University of California"

Appears Deep State Cabal Antifa dressed as Pro-Israeli protesters are clashing with Pro-Palestine backers at the major Universities nationwide. This can trigger the NG activation.

Q-Post 35:  "... remain calm, the primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides). The spill over in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray..."  Complete post at:

[Possibly related]

120 intelligence agents who served the devil

They will not be able to walk in the street   [group pic of Israelis]

======  More Doubles  =====

That Mikey Johanson sure is a puppet and the Dems grabbed his strings, on stage at least.  Wouldn't want to be in his shoes - they are prolly the same brand and style as Kevin McCarthy's.  Not sure if this post is suggesting he's being played by Snowden, is CIA ,or maybe both.

"HEY Snowden HOWS DC ???"  [split face pic of Johnson/Snowden]

Not the real Mikey out there...


Kevin McCarthy's double is likely Negative48.  N48 was played by Mike Protzman.  Protzman likely faked his death so he could be McCarthy full time.  Protzman was possibly played by PBK.  PBK is JJ's secret brother that "died" at birth.  Captioned pic attached.  What an effin mooovie!

More Trump doubles in B/W:  [w/ Melania, real or no ???]

Fake Baron and Dad going to high school graduation.  DS wanna kidnap Baron sooo baaad...

=====  Other News =====

BREAKING: Zimbabwe's new gold-backed currency has officially entered general circulation today.

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