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Dear Jim: Re: your rant - Kneeling and Steven Hawking

I hope your shingles are leaving you alone so that you can kneel if you wish or stand if you wish. Anyway, I would post this in your comments, but I haven't figured out how to post on your site yet. (doesn't matter to me).

This is a really good rant, so thank you.

Your rant helped take the heat off this whole thing for me.

I posted on my FBook page a day or two ago

that I will always stand for the anthem and pledging allegiance

because one of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and

he was hunted down for treason... I had "older" parents and

both of my parents were WW2 vets.... (my mom was a WAVE in the Navy, my dad served 2 terms in Europe). I think of them often and I think of how, to them, the flag and the symbol of what we are supposed to be, is really important. To me it is a matter of respecting them and other veterans and what we are trying to be as a country.

And I get that things need to change.

We can believe in the concepts of our country and also feel that things need to change. It might come out as a protest on the football field... I get that (though I do think the kneeling thing was orchestrated by some group--Rothschilds? -- who are trying to start a race war).

... Or it could come out as standing up and believing that our country's basic concepts will allow the flexibility to let us change.

By the way, are you aware of St. Germain appearing to the men who were going to sign the Declaration? For me, this knowledge puts the founding of our country in to a highly spiritual context. Megan

Response: Thanks for your thoughts Megan. I understand and accept what you are saying. There are many issues in all of this and to paint all of them with one brush accomplishes nothing in my opinion. Much soul searching and discourse is needed - by all.

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