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Dear Jim:

Just to confuse us more, check out this article by Dr Steve Pieczenik, psychiatrist who specialized in psychological warfare & regime change, also behind the counter coup to allow Trump to be elected. It will make you scratch your head at the least but..... If there is to be a global currency reset then those behind it & funding it would not want the cesspool corporation to have control & would want them flushed out.

If Trump was chosen in the 1st place to transition this regime change he would need to show it for what it was, which he is now doing.

Perhaps, he agreed to go down with ship from the beginning, along with his family for some financial reward or amnesty for some past sin, in the end because it seems to me it could be very humiliating for someone who likes to win. At the time of the currency reset, they would need to do the regime change of the corporation for reasons of bankruptcy & we would have a temporary military government to reset The Republic & get rid of all the criminals & political parties. It also seems like they would need martial law to do this. It's something to chew on while you are doing chores.... Lana

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