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Dear Jim: A Canadian Point of View.

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to comment further on Bix Weir's Reverse False Flag theory. I think he is on the right track, however, the way I see it, he does not quite get the rest of Trump's plan, which I think you and your readers will begin to understand when the following questions are asked:

1) Which intel agency is behind Trump's attempted character assassination and at the same time - his greatest adversary?

2) Which intel agency did JFK wish to dismantle, and most likely plotted his assassination?

3) Which intel agency is the world's greatest drug runner?

4) Which intel agency controls all the "Fake News" Networks such as CNN, NBC, etc?

5) Which intel agency helped co-ordinate 9/11?

6) Which intel agency notified Trump within hours that Assad was definitely behind the sarin gas explosion?

Now, Trump, Ron Paul, and every other 'thinking' person knows this was definitely a FALSE FLAG, so, I ask:

7) What if Trump had been tipped off that the CIA was behind the sarin explosion?

8) What if Trump then co-ordinated with Putin and Assad a plot to take down the CIA?

9) What if Trump then co-ordinated with Putin and Assad, a plot to retaliate for the explosion by bombing an abandoned airport?

10) What position will Trump be in, when it is revealed to the world that Assad was not behind the explosion?

11) What if, as part of his plot, Trump has already planned to eat humble pie and at some point be forced to apologize to Assad, Syria and the world, because he acted in haste on the advice of the CIA?

12) Will Trump not then be in a very powerful position with a very heavy hammer to purge the CIA?

13) Will Trump not then be in a position to normalize relations with Russia?

14) Will Trump not then be in a position to expose and eviscerate the entire left, restore the constitution, and make America Great Again?

Clyde Viola


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