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Jim's Rant For The Day. Concrete, Paper and Scissors.

I just watched the first 20 minutes of the Fox News show at 7:00 AM, CST. Not a single word was mentioned about the Atlanta I-85 ramp collapse Thursday evening, although the crawling headline said it occurred. How interesting.

The MUST READ article posted today by Jim Stone is a stunner and a major national news headline taker. Yet not a word. I conclude that even FOX News is on false flag cover-up.

Jim Stone clearly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the bridge was blown up. Anyone who has ever played Rock, Paper and Scissors understands that there are just some things that can never be changed in our universe. And fire winning over concrete is one of those changes that can never be. Concrete wins every time and will continue to do so.

Read Jim Stones article Folks. This is the first real false flag in the U.S. under Trump. Why was it played this week? Could it be the Nunnes story pressuring the Obama camp? That could be as that was what FOX spent the first twenty minutes talking about and gleefully pointing out their competitor news shows have spent zero time in discussing. Then watch the Bill Still report posted today (Intel Boss Unmasked . . ) about who actually may have unmasked the Trump information and why.

Folks, I actually had to check the calender this morning to insure that today is not April First all over again. Happy reading.

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