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Jim's Rant For The Day. Pedophile Puzzle Piece Placement Per Phil.

Clif High and his Web Bot project was right three months ago when he predicted that the Pedogate scandal would flare up in mid-March.

One major puzzle piece are that the Alphabets spy on all of us and especially politicians and those in power positions so they can be blackmailed. The Main Street Media is trying to tell us that spying, wire tapping and blackmailing does not exist in our culture, but I think most Americans know better.

Another piece is that those politicians and power players are actually blackmailed. We will never have 100% proof on this but it might explain why a lot of supposedly smart power people continue to do stupid things, like threatening Russia and China with nuclear war.

But god bless Dr. Phil for his heroic work this week to give us a huge missing piece of the puzzle that completes the picture for us that are struggling to see the true picture. His show Tuesday that focused on a woman born into the Elite sex trade, most likely for blackmail purposes. Her testimony pointed out how some women were used from birth while yet other persons are kidnapped for the same purpose.

What Dr. Phil did was to actually put a face on the “conspiracy theory” that the Main Street News swears does not exist. Of course, the rest of the world swears that indeed it does and has been around for many many years.

But for any non-believers in an elite sex honey trap for blackmail leverage let me remind you of your recent history. Do you recall that supposedly Bill Clinton went through the impeachment process for having been caught in a honey trap himself? I will bet some of you may say that it was not a honey trap at all but instead was just a mutual consent fling, right? Well No. If it was then why did Monica Lewinsky immediately call her handler and ask her what to do next and was told to seal the dress in a plastic bag to preserve the sperm DNA for later use? That my friends is a honey trap.

Thank you Dr. Phil for putting yourself on the line to give that woman a voice and credibility!

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