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Why Is Corporate America Destroying Itself? [Must Read]

Tyler Durden Article

Blackberry Movie Trailer Blackberry can be rented on Prime.

Much of corporate America today is like Blackberry in 2007, pretending that the consumer revolt will go away and that things will get back to normal. This might be a gigantic error. It’s different this time. Consumers have awakened to the racket.
The beauty of the film “Blackberry” is that it shows that even the most powerful and well-financed companies can make horrible market decisions. What’s more, any normal person could have told the executives that they were on the wrong path, but money, pride, fame, and a record of success can completely blind companies to their failures and their long-term self-interest.
This appears to be happening across the commercial space, as more and more consumers are realizing their power and are determined to reassert their influence.

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