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  • Jim Costa

Unconfirmed: US Military Takes Control of Starlink. Massive Drone Attacks Expected on Russia In Futu

Citizen Watch Report Article

"Elon Musk turned off Starlink not only in Crimea, but also in Eastern Ukraine during the Ukrainian Armed Forces counteroffensive new report says."

ALERT: A Major War Escalation may be about to happen!! There is no doubt that Elon Musk may have prevented a retaliatory Nuclear Strike from Russia after Ukraine attempted to sink the Black Sea fleet using Starlink Satellite services.
The US military has now been given control of Starlink and thereby the Ukrainians. We can be certain that the Ukrainians will do whatever they can to provoke Russia further and drag the rest of the world into WW3.
Expect a further massive drone attack upon Russian infrastructure in the very near future and everything that this entails. The threat of Nuclear War has now increased by a significant margin.
The Globalist Parasites need another distraction as the masses awake. They fear the people. By provoking a major escalation they will attempt to engender increased fear and thereby control on the masses. You can be sure that the World Economic Forum are involved.
The World Economic Forum and the Globalists are the enemies of Humanity.
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