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  • Jim Costa

From Jim B. - The Potential of Potential Secret of Secrets.

I won't degrade you by calling you by merely the jurisdictional  "title" of merely  ... Mr. Costa; however...

The secret of secrets is that when one might be over the target- observe that others are often quietly influencing the narrative in opposite distracting directions etc .  Your readers might discern for themselves... more simple truth(s).

Once I better understood how to "read" narrative "offers" forwarded in the the mail from the debt-based  I.R.S. versus the credit-based Internal Revenue Service versus and our actual sovereign American gov't departments - I was corn-fused.

The people are always  in-tuition (with and from  outside sources) who know the obvious truth(s) and often communicate frequently in our "otherwise" quiet moments.

No "matters" or distractions from any "others" will mis-appropriate  the authority of the "people's"  focus - it is simply time!

Winners try, Losers cry.

It is an  omnipresent in-inevitable real-ity or "state" of mind.

Ask your subscribers who feel threatened or mis-directed - we do not!

All my best,

Jim B.

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