• Jim Costa

The Health Ranger Report Situation Update Dec. 15, 2020.

By Mike Adams: 43 Minute Video

Recap: 1 MM – 7 states have two sets of electors submitted to Congress. Congress will act on this Jab 7th. VP Pence will make decision on which set to accept. Trump will win with the Electoral College vote now. MSNM is failing to tell the viewers this.

10 MM: Bill Barr replaced. 12 MM: Monday the states completed the crimes of treason. If a state destroys their ballots their votes will be voided.

16 MM: Adams' contacts are verifying military action soon in the U. S.

18 MM: Expected Timeline.

25 MM: Insurrection will remove key states from having their votes count.

30 MM: Trump's Plan.

34 MM: What Biden is doing, thinking or may do.

36 MM: Militias are itching to act; Trump must call an Insurrection if he is to have control over the militias.

40 MM: 40 MM: Watch for action between the 18th and Dec. 24th.

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