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  • Jim Costa

So, Everybody Gets A Free Q-Phone?!

Been wondering how Q-Phones would be rolled out globally to EVERYBODY in the NWO almost overnight. Solved - Nobody needs an effin Q-Phone...

SpaceX Prepares to Test Starlink Satellite-to-Cellular Service:


ISO20022 is very much related. Initial activation is 20 March 2023 with universal adoption planned for Nov 2025.

ISO20022 is the new messaging protocol to replace SWIFT that will allow for fast and seamless digital currency transactions between financial organizations and eventually down to retail clients - your cell phone, via Starlink!

Ripple's XRP and Stellar's XLM are the leading ISO20022 compliant cryptos on a very short list so far. "The average XRP transaction (tps) settles in three seconds, compared to 45 minutes for Bitcoin... The main difference between these two cryptos is that XRP is geared towards the banking sector, and XLM is geared towards governments and digital currencies."


Shadow of Ezra- Space Force was created for a specific purpose under the leadership of Donald John Trump.

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