• Jim Costa

Situation Update, Jan 9, 2021 - Emergency red alert America descending into WAR. Recapped

By: Mike Adams: 22 Minute Video


0 MM The left is purging and arresting GOP members now and shutting down conservative accounts online.

The bad Virginia National Guard has surrounded the White House.

The left intends to go after Trump Supporters. This is to be followed by a communist style cultural purging.

NORAD has been Activated. Trump is still fighting. 1 MM There will be multiple updates today. There is a now corporate war against the U. S. The Communist purge is now going on. Trump: "A Giant Voice will be heard." This is the name of the U S military mass notification system.

4 MM Pelosi is pushing Impeachment Monday. Expect a dirty bomb to go off (DC?) and claim Trump did it. They intend to stop the Insurrection Act.

6 MM Big tech and the MSNM are the enemy. 7 MM Trump is still the President and has most of the military and the people. The left is outright telling the people that they intend to purge Trump supporters; this is a mistake.

9 MM Talks about communication purges. This is the communist coup. 10 MM Source says White House surrounded by 65 NG troops. There is another group of "troops" being bused in to engage the Virginia NG. This will be an open civil war. 12 MM Great amount of military aircraft in the air; reports of exotic drones over California. Ted Crews now calling Trump supporters traitors. Its about to go live.

14 MM Rumor Chines President Chi has offered to end 250,000 troops to the U. S.

15 MM Video about Ashly Babbit shooting reveals she was up higher and the gun fired at her knees instead of her neck. It is all confusing. Perhaps shrapnel?

20 MM Our reality is now crazy. Hard to make sense of the news. Get Ready. We are in a war right now.

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