• Jim Costa

Situation Update, Jan. 7th, 2021 - False flag attack STAGED to complete the steal. [Recapped]

39 Minute Video


2. MM This update was made last night.

The Deep State will not show footage of what happened. The violent people were allowed by design, were allowed in the building, and they tried to get the Trumpers to follow them.

4 MM Pence was involved with the plan to let in BlAntifa. The Trumpers that made it in were not disruptive.

6 MM The Demos are saying the GOP leaders should be recalled for yesterday's Insurrection. There was actually no terrorism; it was a false flag operation.

9 MM Them Pelosi said lets vote while no one watches. The MSNM is now selling the idea that Trumpers are domestic Terrorists.

12 MM Other than Wisconsin and Arizona, there is no need to take the fraud back to legislators.

14 MM The good news is Trump no longer has any options left except for the Insurrection Act or Military authority.

15 MM He talks about Italy, the Leonardo satellites and the Vatican changing the votes. 17 MM Trump must now be a hero or a zero like Pence.

We are on the brink of Civil War. This is what the CCP wants to happen. If Trump does not use the Insurrection Act Biden will use it against the Trumpers.

There are now 80 million voters that are partyless. 23 MM The CIA has assassinated 5 GOP politicians recently. It will soon be a lot of politicians. 25 MM Many citizens will soon start finding and killing leaders as they have no the recourse. Our social contract is over so we are back to warfare to determine who is in power.

27 MM The Deep State can now only rule by military force. We are probably down to the final 4 days for Trump to act otherwise we are in civil war.

34 MM We need to be prepared to activate people in our areas to go after leaders. If we don't prepare to fight them now we will never be in a position to fight them. What will Trump Choose?


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